Marie Osmond ‘Chipped Off A Piece’ Of Her Knee Cap During Stage Fall

Marie Osmond is going to have to take it easy with dancing after suffering a stage fall.

Osmond, 60, appeared on a recent episode of Global‘s “The Talk” and detailed the injury she suffered after taking a dive on the stage of her “Donny and Marie” Las Vegas show.

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“I’m fine,” she said. “It’s underneath the knee cap. I chipped off a piece, so I probably won’t be dancing a lot, but I can sing! I’m always ok and it’s just interesting that it would be so close together.”

“I’ve never fallen before. I think maybe the knee was a little bit not as strong enough. I should have been wearing my brace,” she continued. “I’m pretty black and blue. Go to my social media, I will show you. I’ll be fine!

Osmond assured she would perform in the remaining “Donny and Marie” shows but her brother Donny Osmond would take the lead. Osmond also shared a chilling death threat she once received in New York when performing with her brother.

“Donny and I were doing a Christmas show in Times Square,” Osmond recalled. “We had a death threat right before the show, and it was like, to me, ‘I watched you several times, and tonight’s the night.'” The brother-sister duo subsequently changed their choreography.

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“What was really kind of crazy, is we felt good about doing it, and after the show they went through and found a big knife under one of the chairs,” she revealed. “You always want to be careful.”

“The Talk” airs every week Monday to Friday on Global. You can catch “Donny and Marie” in Las Vegas through Nov. 16.


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