Kristin Davis Wants To See ‘Sex And The City’ As A Broadway Musical

Kristin Davis does not mean to turn the rumour mill, but she has a great idea for “Sex and the City”.

When asked about a potential “Sex and the City” reboot or spin-off, Davis told “People Now” about what she would like to see from the franchise.

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“I have a fantasy, my publicist is going to kill me, I have a fantasy that we could be a musical on Broadway,” the actress explained. “Because Mean Girls, apparently, is great.”

“Everyone else can sing. I can’t sing that well,” Davis admitted. “I could do that sort of comic talking-singing. People do that, right? I could do that.”

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When asked which “Sex and the City” alum would be the most capable musical performer, Davis made it clear: “Sarah Jessica [Parker]. She has sung on Broadway before.”

“Sex and the City” aired for six seasons from 1998 to 2004 and despite hopes of a reboot or another movie, it has been made clear that Kim Cattrall would not want to be part of it.

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