Daisy Ridley Is Ready For Her Final ‘Star Wars’ Bow On The Cover Of ‘Marie Claire’

Daisy Ridley is saying goodbye to Rey.

The “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” star is on the cover of Marie Claire‘s new “Holiday” issue, and in it she talks filming the final entry in the epic Skywalker Saga.

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“It’s the first time I’ve filmed more confident because I feel like there was nothing else I could’ve done,” she says.

“The third one for me was the best. It’s a big film for everyone. I did all of the emotions: I did frowns, I did smiles, it was the sort of biggest breadth, and I think that’s also why I had such a good time, because I got to do so much s**t—like, physically, emotionally—and I got to work with so many people.”

Daisy Ridley. Photo: Nicole Nodland for Marie Claire
Daisy Ridley. Photo: Nicole Nodland for Marie Claire

Ridley also side-steps a question about rumours that she’s engaged to actor Tom Bateman.

“The thing is, I’ve never talked about my personal life,” she explains. “So I won’t talk about it now. I’m so aware of how much information about my life is out there, so if there’s one thing I don’t want to talk about…”

On enjoying the moment: “I get a bit scared because this year a lot of good things happened. You’re like, ‘Oh no, is the universe storing up something?’ But then I was like, ‘Well, f**k it if it is. I’d best enjoy this time.’”

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Ridley is also featured in a “Pop Quiz” video for Marie Claire, answering a series of random questions about herself.

What is something people will be surprised to know about you? Ridley says, “That I love Ariana Grande.”

Her favourite couch snack? “Dark chocolate.”

The last text message she sent? “To my mother asking if she was okay and she said she was watching ‘Grace & Frankie’ and that RuPaul was a guest star.”

One thing every woman should try at least once? “Everyone should go to dinner by themselves and without their phone because it is freeing.”

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