Sarah Jessica Parker Quizzes Kristin Davis On Their ‘Sex And The City’ Days

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker had a surprise reunion during Monday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Davis, who played Charlotte York on “Sex and the City” alongside Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, answered a series of “SATC” trivia questions.

Parker said over the phone, “Okay, Kristin, this is a real brainteaser. Now, I’m gonna focus it on food because that’s basically what we talked about on set all the time.

“I want you to get in your little time machine and I want you to go back to Morocco, to the set of when we were doing ‘Sex and the City 2’. And I’m gonna ask you: What did we eat every day at 11:30?”

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Davis replied, “The sandwiches! We would go and get the tomato sandwiches from the Crafty. But we had to walk a really long way!” as Parker added, “I had a delicious ham baguette every day.”

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Davis also revealed whether she’d ever seen her “Holiday in the Wild” co-star Rob Lowe’s sex tape in the ’80s. See what she said in the clip below.

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