Vanna White Reveals How Faith Helped Her Cope With Fiance’s Death And Miscarriage

Vanna White is getting candid about her faith.

The “Wheel of Fortune” has experienced her fair share of heartache. Her fiance died in a plane crash in 1986 and she later suffered a miscarriage with her first child.

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“I grew up religious,” White told People. “I was baptized a Baptist, and I’ve always had my own personal relationship with God.

“I don’t preach, because everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs,” she continued. “I don’t judge anyone for whatever religion they are. This is my religion and I speak openly about it, but again, I would never preach.”

Following the death of her fiance, White rekindled her relationship with God.

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“I heard from so many people who had shared the same experience of losing someone instantly in an accident, and that really helped me,” White shared. “I didn’t feel like I was alone. Because when something like that happens, you immediately think you’re the only one.”

White, 62, will take over for “Wheel of Fortune” co-host Pat Sajak for a few episodes later this year.

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