Robbie Williams hasn’t owned a cell phone since 2006.

Williams, who shot to fame with Take That in the ’90s before having a successful solo career, has joined Elton John and Shailene Woodley in saying he prefers not to carry a phone around.

The iPhone launched in 2007, so Williams shunned phones well before the world of smartphones.

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Speaking on the soccer talk show “Back of the Net”, the singer said: “I haven’t owned a phone since 2006. I’m always on my computer, I’ve always got wi-fi… I got rid of [my phone] because I just don’t like them.”

He added of social media apps, “I don’t have my password to anything, otherwise my career would be over.

“I tell several people what to put on there and then that gets vetted, and then it doesn’t go on.”

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Williams continued, according to the Metro: “It will be like a walkie-talkie to my mum, my dad, my wife or my kids… everything else gets done by email.”

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