Jane Seymour is looking back on some of her most amazing looks.

In an as-told-to article in the Guardian, the “Kominsky Method” star talks about the dresses she’s worn and had made over the years.

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About a Nolan Miller dress she wore to the 1996 People’s Choice Awards, Seymour recalls, “Around that time, actresses, instead of models, started showing off the fashion of the era. Unless you are a model, it’s not something you’re really equipped to do but when you put a gown like that on, you become a character, even on the red carpet. You can’t come in like a church mouse.”

Early in her career though, Seymour had to get by with fashion all on her own.

“I didn’t have any money so I’d buy good fabric from Liberty – the offcuts that nobody wanted – or I’d go to vintage stores, bring-and-buy sales or church sales, and turn them into outfits for myself,” she recalls.

“I was never paid by a designer to wear anything, although nowadays not every designer will dress someone my age” the 68-year-old says. “I don’t care whether re-wearing clothes is acceptable or not – if I’m feeling the dress and the occasion, and if it fits, then I’ll wear it again.”

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Seymour also reveals that at one time, she and Donatella Versace used to share dresses.

“Gianni Versace used to lend me gowns that were made for Donatella because we were the same size,” she says. “One was a beaded, all-in-one that you thought you could see through, but really you couldn’t. Although, if you looked carefully, maybe you could!”