Kristen Stewart is very excited about the next Batman movie.

During an interview with Fandango, the “Charlie’s Angels” star talked about “The Batman”, which is set to star her ex, Robert Pattinson.

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“The Angels have a fun Batman debate in the film. We’re putting you on the spot: Who do you think is the best Batman?” Stewart said. “Robert Pattinson, yet to find out.”

Stewart’s co-star Naomi Scott added, “Him and Zoë Kravitz, who basically was born to play that role.”

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“Literally, she already is Catwoman,” Stewart replied. “I cannot wait to see that. I’ve known those guys for a long time, obviously. But other than that, for me, Michael Keaton is definitely the one.”

She then joked, “I can’t wait to hear Rob be like, ‘I’m Batman.'”