“Star Wars” fans got an unexpected surprise with the launch of Disney+.

The new streaming service went live on Tuesday with brand new 4K remasters of all the “Star Wars” films, including the original “A New Hope”, with some new tweaks.

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In one of the biggest changes, the infamous “Han shot first” scene has been edited once again, giving the alien Greedo a new line just before he’s killed by Han Solo.

The scene was famously first re-edited in 1997 with the release of the “Star Wars” special editions, having Greedo shoot at Han first, instead of Han shooting him preemptively. Since then, director George Lucas has fiddled with the scene multiple times for subsequent DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Disney has confirmed to Vanity Fair that new edit was made by Lucas himself prior to the studio’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise in 2012.

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Fans on Twitter generally aren’t happy about the new change, but many have been amused by the line Greedo shouts, which sounds like “Maclunkey.”