Trekkies are counting the sleeps until the premiere of “Star Trek: Picard”, when Sir Patrick Stewart will reprise his iconic role of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new spinoff series.

Sir Patrick dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday, and shared a brief bit of info about the anticipated new series.

“Eighteen years have passed since the ‘Next Generation’ crew were on camera, which was our last film, ‘Nemesis’,” explained the 79-year-old actor.

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“The world has changed in 18 years — the world of the Federation and Starfleet has changed. Patrick Stewart has changed because he is a lot older than when we were last at Paramount making the series,” he quipped. “This means that what we have is something different, something new, and I hope there won’t be too much disappointment that there isn’t an Enterprise or the crew. But it’s a changed world and we find Picard. He’s at home at the Chateau Picard vineyard with his pitbull.”

The choice of dog, he explained, was a deal-breaker. “It was my insistence,” he said. “I have a dog, and if I have a dog it has to be a pitbull. I love pitbulls.”

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Without giving anything else away, Stewart told Kimmel that what he’s seen of the show so far have left him impressed. “I’ve seen the first five episodes and I think they’re really marvelous,” he declared.

“Star Trek: Picard” premieres on Jan. 23.