A Louis C.K. accuser insists the controversial comedian’s actions were not consensual.

Julia Wolov, one half of the comedy duo Dana & Julia, challenged C.K. in a new piece for Canadian Jewish News titled “Counterpoint: I Didn’t Consent to Louis C.K. Masturbating in Front of Me.” The op-ed was written in response to a C.K. defense piece from Toronto comedy-club owner Mark Breslin titled, “Why I Brought Louis C.K. Back From the Dead,”

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“Contrary to Breslin’s accounting, what C.K. did was not done with consent,” Wolov wrote. “We never agreed nor asked him to take all his clothes off and masturbate to completion in front of us. But it didn’t matter because the exciting part for him was the fear on our faces.”

“Since Breslin seems to take pride in his Judaism, he should know that four of the five women from the Times article are Jewish,” she continued. “The author’s attempt to convince himself and the Jewish community of the validity of supporting C.K. by saying he is part Jewish is shameful.”

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Wolov argued comedians like her deserve just as much respect as a famous presence like C.K.

“We too work in comedy. We will probably never make tens of millions of dollars to lose. Louis C.K. is still very wealthy,” Wolov exclaimed. “Although we may never have the stature to perform at Yuk Yuk’s, we will continue to navigate our careers the best we can.”

“When you pat yourself on the back for Louis C.K.’s career resurgence and helping your business thrive,” she concluded. “Maybe think about the human beings encumbered in this story.”