Celine Dion Reveals What She Misses Most About Her Late Husband: ‘Everything’

Celine Dion sat down with Gayle King for an interview on Thursday morning’s “CBS This Morning”

Dion, 51, opened up about the passing of her beloved husband Rene Angelil and what she misses most about him.

“Oh, everything. His smell. His touch. His way of making me laugh,” Dion shared. “Yeah. It’s like, when I’m not on stage and my fans are home and I go in a hotel, for example, I don’t have any pillow talk.”

The iconic Canadian singer also dished on the impending release of her 12th English-language studio album Courage (out Nov. 15).

“I’ve been so much involved, not only in my album but into the production of this show,” she explained. “I say what I like, I have ideas. They can be tacky, wrong. I’m not asking to be right. I’m just asking to be heard.”

Her favourite song on the project is the titular song “Courage”.

“When I look back, my family went through a lot. Losing my husband, my manager, the father of my kids, my friend,” Dion said. “I feel his vibration and his support.”

“I had to prove myself that I could do it,” she added. “I needed to prove to my family, my friends, the business people, the industry, the fans… that I can sing and continue on and not have only a hit, but a career.”

Yesterday, “CBS This Morning” put out a short teaser. In the brief video, the Quebec-born chanteuse plays “Lightning Round”, with King serving up rapid-fire questions that Dion must quickly lob back like tennis balls.

Among the revelations: she’s not much of a TV binge-watcher, but she does enjoy “Young Sheldon”, while she and her kids enjoy films such as “Monsters Inc.” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

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When King asks Dion to name her favourite meal, things take a bit of a weird turn. At first, she can’t single out any one thing before finally settling on one odd item.

“I love peanut butter so bad,” she admits, launching into a very fast version of the “Peanut Butter Jelly” song.

In addition to peanut butter, she also enjoys “baba ghanoush, hummus and Lebanese food,” although hopefully without any added peanut butter.

Dion also opens up about returning to the road for her first tour in more than a decade, telling King, “Every time you do it, you have to do it like it’s the first time.”


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