Kelly Clarkson has a history with the Jonas Brothers, even though she didn’t realize it.

On Wednesday, Nick Jonas stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, and the host revealed that despite the band opening for her in 2005, she couldn’t remember it at all.

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“No one cared about us in 2005, we were just coming up, and basically to get other gigs we listed the other acts that we’d opened up for,” he explained. “But that just meant that we were on the outside stage in the parking lot, while you were playing for 40,000 people.”

He did add, “But you helped us get a lot of gigs after that. We owe you 20 per cent.”

Clarkson and Jonas also talked about now being competitors as coaches on “The Voice”.

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The host ribbed her guest while taking a sip of his new tequila brand, telling him, “I just want to celebrate the fact that you’re gonna be on ‘The Voice’ and I’m gonna kick your tail.”

“Incorrect,” Jonas responded. “I’m not going to clap for that.”