8-Year-Old Boy Sings About Climate Change In Heartbreaking Self-Written Track ‘World In Danger’

Youngsters are continuing to speak up about climate change.

Now, eight-year-old Frankie Morland from Fleet, U.K., has written and recorded a song called “World In Danger”. It’s set to be released December 13.

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The schoolboy, who got help from his school choir for the recording, sings: “I hope we will be fine/ I hate to see the world in danger/ I want to enjoy your beauty/ Before you’re gone.

“Let’s all enjoy the world today/ Climb the trees and breath the air/ Let’s all enjoy the world/ Because tomorrow could be a very different day.”

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Morland is going to be donating all his profits to environmental causes.

Listen to the heartbreaking track in the clip above.

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