Tom Hanks Reveals The One Thing That ‘Disappointed’ Him About ‘Judy’ In Renée Zellweger Chat

Tom Hanks talks to Renée Zellweger about working as a hotel bellboy, her latest film “Judy”, and more in Variety‘s latest “Actors on Actors” interview.

Hanks tells Zellweger how he once carried Cher’s bags while working in the service industry.

The actor explains, “When she was married to Gregg Allman. I brought in the bags, and I said, ‘I believe these are the bags you asked for, Mr. Allman.’ He said, ‘I don’t know — Toots?’ And then Toots was Cher, and she came in, and yeah, that was her bag.”

Hanks also reveals what frustrated him about Zellweger’s movie “Judy”.

“I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see you recreate moments from ‘The Harvey Girls’ or ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ where — this is from reading that I did — [Garland] had that negative self-image that she wasn’t the prettiest woman in the world on camera. And yet, she’s the only one you look at, you know?”

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Zellweger adds of Judy Garland in “Wizard of Oz”: “She was 16, wasn’t she? Her body was just starting to change, and I think that one of the tools they’d use to keep her slim was binding her. Because they didn’t want her to be voluptuous, because they had finally found a way to market her as the girl next door. And God forbid that Dorothy be sexy, you know? So they bound her, and kept her weight down with drugs.”

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The interview also sees Zellweger talk about the strangest thing she had to do in a commercial.

The actress shares, “Coors Light. I had to rollerblade down a hill carrying a six-pack on my shoulder in a bikini.”

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