Bill Hader doesn’t get why anyone would thirst after him.

The former star of “Noelle” is featured in the new issue of InStyle, and in it he talks about everything from fashion to anxiety and his big online following.

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Asked about people “thirsting for him” on social media, Hader admits, “I didn’t know what that meant. They’re what? At the what? I don’t understand it at all. I think it’s good to have humility, but I might have…too much of it.”

The comedian also admits he actually doesn’t know much about style or fashion at all.

“When I was growing up in Oklahoma, clothes were never a thing I thought of. I don’t know designers,” he says. “I mean, I got a Dior suit for the Emmys, and I remember a friend of mine was like, ‘Oh, who are you wearing to the Emmys?’ And I was like, ‘It’s D-I-O-R.’ I couldn’t pronounce it.”

Bill Bader. Photo: Beau Grealy for InStyle
Bill Bader. Photo: Beau Grealy for InStyle

Recently, Hader opened up to fans about his struggles with anxiety in a personal YouTube video.

“I never thought of it as any sort of stigma. It was just a thing I had to work through,” Hader explains. “When I realized how bad my anxiety was, I went online to look for help, but none of it was hitting the way I was feeling. So it was kind of like, ‘Well, if someone’s feeling the way I am, maybe [the video] will help them, especially young people.’”

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He also admits to using comedy as a way to be comfortable around others.

“When I am ‘on’ a lot, I’ve learned, it’s because I’m nervous and I’m wanting the room to be filled with friends, so if people start laughing, I’m like, ‘OK, I’m in a room with friends.’ And then I can kind of relax and be vulnerable or mess up,” he says.