The “American Horror Story: 1984” finale got surprisingly emotional for the show’s creator.

Ryan Murphy spoke with Deadline after the finale aired on Wednesday, talked about how he crafted the season’s ending.

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“I love that we were creating this American mythology about Camp Redwood that had its own inner life. I knew going into the season that I was very, very interested in working with John Carroll Lynch, who we worked with before, he was Twisty,” he said. “I wanted to make a leading part or bigger part for him. I knew that I wanted Finn [Wittrock] to be his son, and I knew that I wanted a happy ending, ironically.”

Murphy continued, “I wanted something that was – this whole season was about two things: Younger and happy ending. So we were writing to those two things all along. John says that when I pitch American Horror Story to him, I don’t know the ending. But I knew that was where we wanted to go to, that very ending.”

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As Murphy explained, the ending turned out to be quite different from other “AHS” finales.

“It’s the only ‘American Horror Story’ ending that has made me cry,” he admitted. “Something about that father-son thing always kills me. I’m very nostalgic about Lily Rabe, seeing her in that part. I was really close to her mom, Jill Clayburgh, which is how Lily was introduced into my life. I’m also very close to Finn, and I always wanted to write a beefy, big part for John Carroll Lynch. It was a murderer’s row of talent that I was really close with and loved. Yeah, I loved it.”