Patton Oswalt Goes ‘Hiking With Kevin’, Reveals Being Mentioned In A Stephen King Novel ‘Legitimized’ Him With His Parents

Comedian Patton Oswalt is the latest celebrity to go “Hiking with Kevin”, the YouTube series from “SNL” alum Kevin Nealon in which he hosts revealing conversations with celebs while hiking in the Hollywood hills.

During his chat with Nealon, Oswalt told Nealon that he’s mentioned in Stephen King’s latest novel, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger — which he joked was the first thing he’d ever achieved in his career that caused his parent to get excited.

“The new Stephen King novel is out and I’m in it,” Oswalt tells Nealon. “He mentions me! I’m mentioned in the book, so to me that is, well now I’m legitimized. Even my parents [were] like, ‘A Stephen King book! That’s a big deal.’”

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During their hike, Oswalt also opens up about the 2016 death of his wife Michelle McNamara, leading to a conversation about how comedy and tragedy are so closely intertwined.

“There is no stronger reaction from an audience than when they’re brought down and you bring them back up again,” Nealon says.

“Well, what you’re showing them is it’s the life force reasserting itself,” Oswalt explains. “It’s going, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna be this sad, and no matter how much despair wants me to be down I have an opposite force in terms of laughter and comedy and just pure fun that will cancel it out. And when people see that process happen, it’s like this reminder of, you can still live, you’ve got the energy within you.”

You can watch the new episode in its entirety above.

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