Kelvin Harrison Jr.’s new film “Waves” hits theatres on Friday, and in advance of the premiere the 25-year-old actor paid a visit to “The IMDb Show” to share his insight into the film, which follows the emotional journey of an African-American family as they navigate coming to terms with a tragic loss.

During his appearance on the show, Harrison confirmed that director Trey Edward Shults wrote his character with Harrison in mind. “It’s incredible,” he says with a laugh. “We worked together on a movie calls ‘It Comes at Night’, and it was like my first lead in a movie. I was so grateful. And a year later, he was like, ‘I’m making my next feature, it’s my version of a high school movie,’ and I was like, ‘Cool, am I still young enough to be in high school?'”

Stults, he reveals, offered him one of two parts. “I was like, ‘What’s the more challenging part?’ And he was like, ‘He’s a wrestler, and I know you can’t play sports, so that would be the most challenging part, for you.’ And I was like, ‘Alright, I want that part then!'”

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Harrison also opens up about his own childhood and how he used his real-life relationship with his father as a creative tool to bring his character to life, in addition to revealing how he pulled inspiration for the role from both rapper Frank Ocean and some pro athletes.

In addition, he also spills the tea about how Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker fought for him to play a musician in new miniseries “Godfather of Harlem” and wound up giving him a mastercass in acting that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

“Waves” opens Friday, Nov. 15.