Aaron Carter and PETA are now in a feud over a video he posted on his Instagram Live.

A few hours before the singer was hospitalized for exhaustion in Florida on Wednesday, he shared the video of him and his mom, Jane Carter, driving with seven pugs, including some puppies in the backseat. One of the puppies tries to move towards the front when Jane hits the dog.

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PETA then shared the video on Twitter, calling out Aaron.

“Have a heart, @aaroncarter,” they said. “Dogs are family – not for IG likes. SLAPPING them or SELLING THEM for a profit when millions are homeless in shelters is cruelty.”

Aaron then responded back on his Instagram Live saying, “PETA, hi PETA. You’re gonna f**kin’, you’re gonna after my mom? You’re go after my mom, PETA?”

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His mother also got a chance to defend herself.

“Yes, I said, ‘Get back’ but I did not smack my dog. I would never smack my dog. My dogs love me,” Jane said in a Periscope while giving her views on the current political climate.

And because sticking to one platform would be too easy, Aaron jumped back to Instagram Live.

“Do these look like dogs who are abused or unhappy? Do you think that if you’re driving 75 miles an hour and you have puppies that are jumping up and up because we were eating food,” he said, before Jane added, “And we don’t believe in locking them all up all the time.”

“No, the dogs aren’t locked up. Our dogs aren’t f**king locked up. Look at this, bro. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping,” Aaron said in reference to the dogs asleep in the back. “And then I see this video clip from f**king PETA saying, ‘Oh, You smacked the dog.’ Well, yeah, of course my mom’s gonna push the dog back from hitting the gear.”


Aaron goes on for some time where he and his mother then accuse PETA of editing in the smacking sound before he tells the organization that he “went to school for five years for dog training” in which he now “specialize[s] in training pit bulls.”

“I’m gonna sue the s**t out of PETA,” Aaron said. “I’m gonna take them for millions of dollars, and then I’m gonna give back money to a community that actually does help animals.”

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And in case you were worried throughout this that Aaron isn’t a gentleman, he would like to assure you that he is.

“I can be classy, have you watched me on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’? Every woman I let walk through doors, I hold their hands, I walk them down stairs,” he made sure to add on right after saying that he will be exposing PETA for their crimes.

ET Canada has reached out to PETA for comment.

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