Jon Gosselin Admits ‘I Pretty Much Bankrupted Myself’ During Kate Gosselin Divorce

Jon Gosselin says TLC financially supported Kate Gosselin while leaving him out to dry.

Gosselin appears on Monday’s episode “Dr. Oz” and touches on his costly divorce from his “Jon and Kate Plus 8” co-star. Gosselin claims the show’s network, TLC, helped finance Kate’s divorce proceedings but did not give him a dime.

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“I literally hung a sign on my gate saying, ‘If any crew members show up, I’ll have you arrested for trespassing,’” he says. “They sued me for breach of contract and I pretty much bankrupted myself.”

“I’ve spent $1.7 million in lawyers fees from when TLC sued me and the divorce,” Gosselin continues. “TLC paid for [Kate’s] attorneys in the lawsuit and for her divorce.”

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ET Canada has reached out to TLC for comment.

Kate refused to engage with her ex-husband’s claims but promised to let the truth be known in the near future.

“I have consistently made it a rule never to respond to Jon’s delusional ramblings, and I will not break that rule now,” Kate told People. “However, at some point soon, I look forward to making sure the absolute truth about our family is known.

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