James Holzhauer Wins The 2019 ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Of Champions

James Holzhauer first came onto the radar back in June when he won 32 games in a row on “Jeopardy!”, but now he has an even bigger title under his belt.

Holzhauer, 35, won the 2019 “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions after starting off with only $30,000. He rose to the occasion and ended up winning the $250,000 grand prize which brings his total winnings for the game show to $2,712,216.

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Emma Boettcher (the contestant who ended Holzhauer’s streak) came in second for the $100,000 prize and Francois Barcomb walked away with $50,000.

“I’ve said all along that Emma is an all-time great player, and I’m proud it took that level of competitor to defeat me,” Holzhauer said in reference to their previous meeting. “Now the world sees that I wasn’t just making excuses. Francois certainly looked as dominant as either of us in his first two games, so I knew the finals would be a fight to the finish. But the whole point of the TOC is to play the best of the best, and Emma and Francois certainly proved that they belonged in the final three.”

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And while $2.7 million is a lot to win from a game show, Holzhauer isn’t the highest “Jeopardy!” winner. Ken Jenning’s has won $3,370,700 and Brad Rutter an astonishing $4,688,436, both who took part in the All-Star game that was in March.

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