Chadwick Boseman’s New Film ’21 Bridges’ Was Almost Called ’17 Bridges’ Because They Miscounted The Number Of Bridges In Manhattan

Chadwick Boseman is stopping in to see Ellen DeGeneres on her hit talk show on Monday.

The “Black Panther” star sits down on “The Ellen DeGeneres” where she congratulates Boseman for his honourable mention in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue as Sexiest Superhero.

Boseman and DeGeneres also spoke about his new film “21 Bridges” and how it gives him a new respect for his father.

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“At first we thought it was called ’17 Bridges’,” Boseman says in reference to the number of bridges that lead off of Manhattan. “Then as we were about to shoot the speech, they were like we aren’t sure it is actually 17.”

“Turns out it is 21,” he adds laughing.

The film was also done with all-night shoots.

“My dad used to work the night shift and I never knew what he was going through. But man, that takes a toll on you,” he said.” I have a whole new respect for my dad.”

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From there it was all fun and games where DeGeneres read a fact about a co-star and he had to say if it was true or not.

He did not fare well.

Boseman’s interview airs on Nov. 18.

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