Josh O’Connor talks taking on the role of Prince Charles in “The Crown” season 3 in a new interview with GQ Hype.

O’Connor, who joins Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter in the latest season of the hit Netflix show, says of playing the royal: “What would you write that makes good headlines? Josh ate boiled eggs for months. I am eating quite a lot of them because that’s what Charles does. He eats a lot of boiled eggs.”

He also says he had to practise his horse-riding skills, telling the mag: “Most people have four reins here, then thumb on top. He puts the reins in between each finger. So I learned that as well. I love that.”

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O’Connor continues of the royal, “What I’m gradually finding is a guy waiting for his mother to die for his life to have meaning. His whole life has been in purgatory. Waiting for your parent to die is pretty messed up.

“That the one person who should be unconditional is the person that holds the power for you to have any meaning in your life… it’s quite nice to play that. They’re huge stakes.”

He adds of his “favourite scene in the series”: “Charles refers to Saul Bellow’s [1944 novel] Dangling Man, in which there’s a character from Chicago waiting to be drafted to go to war. He wants to go to war, to certain death, because it will give his life meaning. Until then, he’s just waiting. And that perspective, to me, seems to be the most profound thing for Charles.”

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“All he really wants is a hug from his mother. He just wants to be told he’s doing all right.”

“The Crown” season 3 is on Netflix now.

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