Elton John Says ‘I Literally Had To Learn To Walk Again’ After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate cancer surgery left Elton John needing rehabilitation.

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John, 72, discusses his operation two-years-ago and what sort of effect it had on his body. The “Tiny Dancer” singer opens up to BBC One’s “Elton John: Uncensored”, per DailyMail. John suffered a major infection following the surgery

“I literally had to learn to walk again. I was extremely sick,” the music icon explains. “Luckily I survived it. Now I am fine. But there are very few bits of me left!”

“There is no hair, a pacemaker, there are no tonsils, there is no prostate, there is no appendix,” he continues. “I have had kidney stones. I am like the ‘Bionic Woman’. I am like Lyndsay Wagner or Steve Austin. Whichever one you want to call it.”

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John speaks with Graham Norton for “Elton John: Uncensored” which premieres on Nov. 28.

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