Seth Meyers Has To ‘Think Fast!’ In Interview With Jimmy Fallon

It was a late-night crossover event for the ages.

On Monday night, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show”, where he and Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Think Fast!”.

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Each TV host had to ask the other a series of rapid-fire questions, with the other person responding with the first thing to pop in their head.

Things got very silly, very fast, of course.

Later during their interview, Meyers talked about his once-in-a-lifetime experience of going day drinking with Rihanna.

“Is there one thing that she doesn’t do well?” Fallon asked him.

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There was one thing, Meyers said, revealing, “She, at one point, took my phone and took a bunch of pictures while we were day drinking. And then, when I went through them and looked at them, I’m like, ‘Rihanna’s bad at taking pictures.'”

Fallon then showed off one of those pictures, a very blurry one of Meyers looking at something and smiling.

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