Cobie Smulders and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t stop gushing over Tom Cruise’s annual holiday cake during the actress’ “Tonight Show” appearance Monday.

Fallon told Smulders after the pair discussed Thanksgiving, “It is almost time for—you know what I’m talking about –Tom Cruise cake.”

Smulders replied, “The most glorious time of year.”

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Fallon went on: “Tom Cruise will send you a cake during the holidays,” as Smulders confirmed it was always a white chocolate coconut cake, insisting she kept it in the freezer until March and just chipped away at it.

She joked, “I receive it, and hopefully, maybe if I talk about it on television I will for sure receive it. But it’s so good.

“It’s so good. I don’t know why. I’m not even a big sweets person, but it’s so good.”

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Smulders also spoke about having 60 people over at her house for Thanksgiving after welcoming a whopping 89 last year.

She then talked about hearing her fake ’80s pop song from “How I Met Your Mother” at karaoke bars and her new ABC series “Stumptown”. See more in the clip below.