Harry Connick Jr. once had a pretty uncomfortable experience with Frank Sinatra.

The singer and actor appeared on Tuesday’s “This Morning” and recalled having to sing for Sinatra in the early ’90s, according to the Daily Mail.

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“That was an unpleasant experience because as much as I wanted to sing for him and everyone else…” he said. “I don’t get nervous but I was really nervous for that and I blanked out.”

Connick also recalled being there with his wife Jill Goodacre, whom he married in 1994.

“I completely forget the words,” he said. “I was with my wife, then my girlfriend, and then we saw Frank at the lift and I said, ‘We should go, I need to explain myself.'”

He continued, “I said ‘I’m sorry I’m much better than what I saw,’ and he took my wife and held her face and said you’re beautiful, and kissed her on the mouth and that’s that.”

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Looking back on that moment, Connick now sees it as problematic.

“I’ve never been able to sing for him again,” he said. “It was probably unacceptable then, it was a situation where it was an interesting thing, I think my affection for him in the context made it hilarious for her, but obviously it’s completely inappropriate.”