Sienna Miller Reveals She Auditioned For ‘Trolls’ To Impress Her Daughter

Sienna Miller does not know how to do a troll voice.

Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Monday, the “21 Bridges” star revealed that she has tried out for roles in kids movies to impress her 7-year-old daughter Marlowe.

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“I did embarrassingly do a vocal audition for ‘Trolls’,” Miller said. “And I was like, ‘Ooh, Trolls! Okay, I’m gonna do something unique,’ which was the stupidest voice… which [Marlowe], at 3 [years old], thought was amazing. I was like, ‘I crushed it.’ Sent it off and didn’t get it.”

She added, “But I’m sure that there will be a tape circulating around that studio of the ridiculous troll voice that I thought was appropriate.”

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In the end, it was for the best, as Miller learned.

“Then I watched the movie,” she said. “She just did a great, kind of normal voice. So I was really off the mark… I wanted to be that troll.”

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