Since Evan Rachel Wood has dreamed of starring in a Disney film, she says it felt so good to nail her audition.

The “Westworld” actress, 32, chatted about her role in the highly anticipated “Frozen 2” with the hosts at “Good Morning America” on Wednesday and even confessed that her audition moved the Disney execs to tears.

Wood sings the lullaby “All Is Found” in the movie, which forced the actress to audition in front of a panel and resulted in a standing ovation.

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“I did, yeah. They cried,” she spilled. “Before I went in to do the audition I said, ‘I’m gonna do the audition for a Disney movie now,’ and [my son] says, ‘I hope they clap for you, mommy.’ And when I was done, they got up and they clapped, and I came home and I went, ‘Guess what? They clapped! It worked!’ “

“I still had to wait another couple months to find out if I got it or not, so I didn’t know. I felt good about it. I’m a really cool mom right now, for a brief moment,” she joked.

And as a lifelong Disney fan, Wood loves being able to sing her own tune to her 6-year-old son, who she shares with ex-husband Jamie Bell, “I’ve been singing Disney lullabies to my son since he was born, and now I get to sing my own Disney lullaby to him.”

She added, It is surreal, it’s absolutely surreal.”

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Wood previously showed off her singing chops in the 2007 musical “Across The Universe”.

“Frozen 2” hits big screens on Nov. 22.