Al Pacino is winning serious acclaim for his performance in “The Irishman”, but the same can’t be said of a number of his roles.

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In a new interview with GQ, the 79-year-old admits that he has come to start taking less-than-stellar roles on purpose.

“You know what? I may be falling into a bad habit now,” he confesses. “I think I’m starting to get a little perverse. I’m starting to want to do films that aren’t really very good and try to make them better. And that’s become my challenge.

“I don’t think I go in thinking it’s not gonna be very good, but it’s like [Robert De Niro] said: Sometimes they offer you money to do something that’s not adequate. And you talk yourself into it. And somewhere within you, you know that this thing is gonna be a lemon. But then, when it comes full circle, and you see it, you say, ‘Oh, no. I’m gonna make this better.'”

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As Pacino explains, sometimes he takes roles hoping to make them at least a little bit better than outright bad.

“You spend a lot of time and you’re doing all these things, and you say, ‘If I can just get this to be a mediocre film,’ and you get excited by that. It’s an impulse that I’ve got to just put that away now,” he says.