‘Antebellum’ Trailer With Janelle Monae Delivers Mind-Bending Mystery

Janelle Monae is back on the big screen with the lead role in the mind-bending horror-mystery “Antebellum”.

From producer Jordan Peele comes a twisty tale about an author named Veronica (Monae) who finds herself trapped between horrifying realities that transcend time as she struggles to uncover a central mystery before it’s too late. As the word “antebellum” alludes to, one of Veronica’s realities includes the American Civil War era.

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The first twisted teaser doesn’t offer too much in terms of what exactly “Antebellum” has to offer aside from bizarre and terrifying imagery.

Co-starring Kiersey Clemons, Jena Malone, Jack Huston, and Gabourey Sidibe, the upcoming horror movie is directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.

“Antebellum” will arrive in theatres on April 24, 2020.

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