Ryan Reynolds finds a hilarious way to plug his Aviation Gin in the middle of an ad for Samsung and his upcoming action film “6 Underground”.

With Samsung partnering with Netflix to promote watching the Michael Bay-directed film on a bigger, better screen, Reynolds plugs the product before the video rolls to an Aviation Gin ad.

“How’d that get there?” he sheepishly asks as the commercial director comes on set to ask the Canadian actor what is going on.

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“I bought mid-roll ad placement,” he informs her.

“You bought an ad for your gin within an ad for your movie within an ad for Samsung TV?” the director asks in the special “director’s cut” of the commercial which was produced by Maximum Effort Productions and Escape Velocity Content with director/DP Bryan Rowland and producer Alec Eskander. The company has created several digital shorts in collaboration with Reynolds.

Reynolds’ “6 Underground” arrives on Netflix on December 13, which the actor would presumably like you to watch at home on a Samsung QLED TV while sipping some Aviation Gin.