There are plenty of rock fans who would swear on a stack of vinyl that there is no cooler band on the planet than Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl, however, is here to prove them wrong.

In a new interview for Whitney Cummings’ “Good For You” podcast, the Foo Fighters frontman disagreed with her assessment that the band was “cool,” offering another perspective.

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“First of all, we are all dads, and you’re right, we’re a rock band,” he explained. “Look, I’m 50-years-old, I have f**king grey hair… but you know, the thing is, I have never considered our band cool, and I like that.”

Grohl is keenly aware that his music is out of step with the times, and he’s fine with that.

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“We’ve just never been hip or cool; we just really haven’t,” he added. “I think that the reason why we’re still here is because we do kind of disconnect ourselves from the popular stuff that’s going on, but also because, what the f**k do we care? I just want to f**king play music.”

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