Skip Marley is bringing awareness to the refugee crisis.

The “That’s Not True” singer and “Chained to the Rhythm” collaborator recently appeared at the 30th Anniversary of World Children’s Day at the UN in New York City. Marley, 23, spoke with ET Canada about doing his part to bring awareness to the world’s refugees.

“It’s so important to spread the message, I’m honoured to be a part of it. To send a positive message to the world,” shared the grandson of Bob Marley. “It’s a great feeling to be able to try and make a change.”

“We were talking about the refugee camps, I performed my song ‘Refugee’. The situation right now there is a refugee crisis,” he continued. “That’s really what we were talking about. Every child should have a home. Every child deserves protection.”

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Marley partnered with Amplified Music to perform a remix of “Refugee” featuring Damascus Voice, a Syrian refugee rapper. Voice fled Syria at age 18 and six-years-later he is still bouncing from camp to camp in Europe.

“It’s an honour, really, to have him involved because he brings a realness to the track,” Marley said of the collaboration. “He’s living that, that’s his reality. He is a real refugee. He brings a real next element.”

Marley also opened up about his creative process and how he pays homage to his Reggae roots without painting himself into a box: “It’s natural to draw from the roots. We are the roots.”

“I try to take… the message into new avenues. Make new fusions and new combinations. Something fresh. That is really always my goal. I don’t want to be classified,” he explained. “Reggae is really where it’s tethered from but I want to be able to make any type of sounds. I can make a hip-hop song, a rap song, R&B song. Funk song, jazz song, blues song. With influences, you know?”

Marley is not resting on his family name, but he has no interest in running from it either.

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“I have a responsibility to push this further, that’s what I like to say,” he told ET Canada. “It’s about bringing the name further. Bringing it to new heights and new streets.”

A big proponent of love, the self-described Love Warrior expressed how people should incorporate more love into their lives.

“Everyone is important. Everyone can be love because it is within,” Marley assured. “We really have to open up our hearts and our minds to living together and being more peaceful. Peace for the future.”

Marley collaborated with Major Lazer on the bumping 2019 track “Can’t Take It From Me”. When asked if there were any more collaborations with the DJ trio in the works, Marley simply said, “It’s in the works, I would say.” At the present, Skip and H.E.R.’s new single “Slow Down” has topped the Reggae Digital Song Sales chart in the U.S.