Kevin Hart’s fear of bugs was caught on camera while the actor was promoting “Jumanji: The Next Level” in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this week.

Hart and co-star Dwayne Johnson were in the middle of an interview with ET Canada’s Graeme O’Neil when a butterfly infiltrated it.

Filmed from the sidelines of the junket, Hart’s attention is squarely focused on the flying insect as his co-star answers questions about the movie.

Soon, the fluttering bug has Hart up and out of his seat, ducking for cover and Johnson and the camera operators and publicists laugh.

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A grasshopper later joins in on another interview with a different reporter.

Watch the compilation video below. (Caution: NSFW, strong language).

According to Johnson, Hart suffers from Entomophobia, a fear of flying insects.

“I can’t kill it [because] online, they’re gonna trash me,” he says leaping out of his chair and out of the way of a butterfly.

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“This is f***ing stupid, man. You gotta be s***ing me,” Hart says, ducking a yellow butterfly and screaming, much to Johnson’s delight.

Later in the video, Hart spots a grasshopper as Johnson responds by picking it up. And a blue butterfly appears during the female reporter’s interview shortly after the grasshopper.

“That s*** turned into Captain America,” he jokes in fear. “That a f***ing grass-bat. Did you see that? We got to go, y’all.”