Justin Bieber Sends Wife Hailey Bieber A Sweet Birthday Greeting And The Promise Of ‘Next Season Babies’

Could the Bieber household soon be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet?

That’s what The Biebs is hinting in a new Instagram message he just posted in honour of wife Hailey Bieber’s 23rd birthday on Friday.

“Happy birthday babes! You make me want to be better everyday!” wrote Bieber, 25, in the caption to accompany some romantic photos of the couple’s wedding.

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“The way you live you life is so attractive,” he continued before concluding, “ps you turn me on in every way 😍😍😍😍 next season BABIES.”

Bieber also gave his bride a posh birthday gift, which he revealed in an earlier Instagram post.

He wrote that he stopped by Beverly Hills’ Jadelle jewelry store to pick up her birthday gift, adding: “ONLY THE BEST FOR MY BOO.”

This post offered a video of a box bearing the imprint of Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet, opening the box to reveal a diamond-encrusted timepiece.

Time will tell, however, whether Bieber will keep a promise he made nearly a decade ago, insisting that when he does have children, he wants them to grow up in his home and native land. “Eventually I’m gonna want to move back to Canada,” the 17-year-old told TMZ back in 2011.

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When asked why, he explained, “I dunno, I’m Canadian, I just feel like I want my kids to be Canadian… eh.”

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