Katy Perry had a blast in Mumbai, India.

The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer shared a video on Twitter celebrating her recent performance in Mumbai. “Mum-BAI for now, India,” she tweeted. “I love you.”

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“I haven’t been to India for seven years. I’m finally able to be here and bringing the show that I know they deserve,” Perry said in the video. “I decided that this show is one of the most important shows for my year. I’ve always wanted to go to Mumbai.”

“I hear my Indian fans so passionately on my social media. I am here, b**ch!” she exclaimed.

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Perry, 35, also shared her secret to happiness: “It’s a constant journey. There is no there-there. If you can start your day out every day with gratitude as the first word that pops into your head, I know you’ll be a happier person.”

Following Perry and Dua Lipa’s recent successful gigs in Mumbai, rapper Tyga announced plans to perform in the Indian city.