M. Night Shyamalan Does Not Want People To Spoil ‘The Sixth Sense’ 20 Years Later

M. Night Shyamalan stopped by “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” on Friday night where he spoke about his new TV show for Apple+ “Servant” as well as one of his more iconic films–“The Sixth Sense”.

“It is tough to watch something with me, I’ll be honest, the family doesn’t like to watch anything with me,” he revealed while talking about how his family gets annoyed. “Even if I don’t say anything, I am judging the performance and the camera angles.”

“I just get up and walk by disappointed or I will walk by the den and they are watching TV and I will yell ‘You are making a choice.'”

And don’t bother asking him about spoilers, particularly “The Sixth Sense” even though it is 20 years old.

“Now there is a whole new generation watching, it is all new fans watching so you guys can’t say anything about it,” he told the audience.

Fallon wasn’t sure what he was and wasn’t allowed to say but Shyamalan gave him permission to say “I see dead people” but not to say what happens at the end of the movie.

Although the famous director downplayed how iconic the “dead people” line is. “It is overwritten. He is 10 but it is really something a 6 or 7-year-old would say,” he criticized himself.

The two also spoke about how when filming in Philadelphia, one of the members of The Roots accidentally messed up a scene when he exited his own house.

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