Kit Harington played a hero on “Game of Thrones”, and he recently demonstrated his heroic side in real life.

Twitter user Michelle Meagher recently shared a story about how the 32-year-old actor “saved my sister’s bike from thieves tonight, carrying it into the pub where she was because he didn’t to want leave it unchained outside.”

Harington left before the woman had a chance to thank him, so Meagher took to Twitter in order to “tweet this thanks out into the ether,” as Harington has no presence on social media.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Shropshire Star is reporting that Harington’s next project will be for neither film nor television, but radio.

Harington will co-star with Glenda Jackson in a radio play based on Neil Gaiman’s short story Chivalry for BBC 4 Radio.

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Jackson — who paused her movie career to spend 23 years as a Labour MP — will voice the character of Mrs Whitaker, who discovers the Holy Grail in a secondhand shop.

She then receives a visit from one of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Galahad (Harington), who would like to reclaim it.

The radio production of Chivalry is scheduled for broadcast on Christmas Day.

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