Kim D’Eon: Changing The World One Step At A Time

Kim Care Canada
Photo: ET Canada

By Kim D’Eon

Today is the first day I haven’t had a pedometer on in over a week. It marks the official end to my eight-day “Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge which I do for Care Canada, to celebrate International Women’s Day. It helps raise awareness about the daily struggles women and girls face in developing countries.

I’ve been really busy, so it was hard to get the steps in every day, but it was so worth it for many reasons.

First, it felt really good to shine a spotlight on an issue I feel so strongly about. My friend’s six-year old child, Christian, saw my picture in the paper and asked why I was there. His dad explained what I was doing and why. Later that day, little Christian got up in front of his class and explained what International Women’s Day was and why it was important. His dad was so proud. I was too!

It felt good to raise money for the cause, because I believe that it will be used effectively. Care Canada has a truly holistic approach to dealing with gender inequality and empowering women around the world. I know the money raised through this campaign will be put to good use and it feels great to be a part of that.

My teammates who also walked 8,000 steps a day, reported back that they thought about the women they were supporting during their long walks. Even if the walk seems long and hard and cold, we all remained very aware of how difficult it would be to NEED to do this every day just to get the basic necessities of life.

I actually got some solid exercise in, which I have been missing for a while. One day, I went for a walk on my lunch break and realized it was the FIRST time I have done that in the six and a half years

I’ve worked at ET Canada. I really should do that more often. It felt great!

Over the course of asking for donations, I felt the solidarity and support of my friends and loved ones.  The whole experience fostered a sense of pride, accomplishment and empowerment which is exactly the impact we want to make all over the world, one step at a time!

It’s not too late to donate: please visit for more info and check out my personal page to make your own contribution.



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