Could Kevin Hart be the next member of the DC Universe? Well, if Dwayne Johnson has anything to do with it, he just might be.

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While sitting down with ET Canada digital reporter Graeme O’Neil at the “Jumanji: The Next Level” junket in Mexico, the 40-year-old reacts to the former wrestler being cast as the next DC superhero, Black Adam.

“We’ve already discussed it. We talked about it earlier, so we’re finding that out,” Hart says of his potential role in the upcoming flick. “No matter what, he’s not going to do it and not put me in it. How selfish would that be?”

“We’ve got to find the part for Kevin in ‘Black Adam’ within the DC Universe,” Johnson adds.

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December 4 marks the official release of “Jumanji: The Next Level” — and this interview also marks Hart’s first time being back in the hot seat since his terrifying car accident in September.

He shares how his life has changed drastically since that moment.

“It just shows you that life can take you in so many different directions,” the actor says.

“It’s up to you to understand and learn from each of these directions and I think I’m appreciative of all of them, you know even that moment because you grow and you improve and your perspective changes.

“One thing that you realize is that you are not in control and you don’t have control and the time that you do have here, make sure to spend it wisely and be present for those that you should,” Hart adds.

“So, for family and friends, don’t take those relationships for granted at all.”

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When it comes to the pair’s new action film, the Rock reveals whether he feels pressure to bring this story to life following the success of “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle”.

“It’s way more pressure this time around,” Johnson admits.

“You know, the first one, what went into it was an incredible amount of love and reverence for Robin Williams,” he says.

“So, this time around when your first movie does fortunately as well as it did, the pressure’s on. Now the bar is high and the expectations are high and we got to deliver.”

Check out our full interview with the “Jumanji: The Next Level” stars above, which features a moment between Kevin and butterflies that you just can’t miss.

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