The critically-acclaimed creator and star of “Fleabag” says she’s unsure where her alter-ego is right now.

“I really, honestly don’t know where she is,” Phoebe Waller-Bridge said during an in-conversation event in New York City on Sunday night. “She” of course, is Fleabag, the otherwise unnamed title character of her series based on Waller-Bridge’s one-woman stage show. The series became a cultural phenomenon, particularly after the second season debuted on Amazon Prime with Andrew Scott as an unnamed priest, affectionately dubbed “hot Priest” by the Internet.

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While fans may be clamouring for more, Waller-Bridge is holding true to her promise to end her “Fleabag” series after two seasons. She responded to audience groans during the town hall, jokingly giving Fleabag a happily ever after, adding, “She lives by the sea! Priest rides in on a donkey, [and she’s like] ‘Oh, you came back for me!'”

Waller-Bridge, 34, took home three Emmys for “Fleabag”, including Best Actress, Best Comedy and Best Writing In A Comedy. The gold statuettes are in a safe place, for now, she reveals.

“My mum’s got all of them. I haven’t been home since the Emmys so they’ve gone ahead of me to get London already,” she added.

The actress first debuted her one-woman production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, before revival stints in London’s West End and an off-Broadway run in 2019. Waller-Bridge reveals she bid farewell to the character of Fleabag during the last show, getting emotional on stage in her final performance.

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“I started getting sort of panicky because I could feel the character leaving me and I remember feeling like, ‘No, no, we have one more show!’ I felt her go,” she added. “It was such a lovely feeling… I don’t actually know where she is now and I think that’s the right thing for both of us.”

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