While chatting with T.I. about his controversial comments about his daughter, Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted she’s had to coach husband Will Smith on talking about their daughter Willow.

The disgraced rapper and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris joined Pinkett-Smith on Monday’s “Red Table Talk”, T.I. addressed his previous comments about his daughter’s virginity and apologized for the poor messaging. And Pinkett-Smith used to the opportunity to discuss the differences of raising boys and girls.

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“There’s certain things about raising a man that I can’t know,” she explained. “I would tell [Will], ‘Love your daughter, let me teach her,’ because there’s certain sensitivities that you might not understand and have just because of your relationship in the world is different than a woman’s relationship.”

And according to Pinkett-Smith, Willow, 19, has corrected Smith when he says something wrong.

“I understood that because I’m in this house with Will and he be saying the craziest stuff. He don’t understand the level,” she said. “And thank God he has me and he’s got Willow … we educate that joker before he leaves this house. You know what I mean?… He’s one of those that likes to tell stories and sometimes goes too far.”

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Adding, “Willow has gone at her dad several times for very insensitive comments, whether it’s around menstruation or, you know, ‘You must be PMS-ing,’ and she’s like, ‘That right there, we not gon’ do that.’”

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