Prince William Was Involved In Decision Making Over The Future Of Prince Andrew

As Prince Charles flies back after wrapping his long tour, he will now have to deal with his younger brother Prince Andrew.

After Andrew’s BBC interview that ultimately raised more questions than answers, the decision was made that the Duke of York would step down from this public role.

In the letter drafted by Andrew and his team, he writes that he asked Queen Elizabeth to step aside but in reality, the Queen and Prince Charles, who has taken over many duties from his ageing mother, gave Prince Andrew no other choice.

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As Prince William will also one day be Monarch, he also played a part in the decision making.

Palace sources tell People that the Duke of Cambridge was involved in the conversations around what should be done.

“Senior members of the family were involved — the Prince of Wales and other members of the family as the Queen consulted and kept them informed,” another insider added.

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More and more, Prince William is being involved in the key tasks to help prepare him for the day he becomes king.

While Andrew’s letter said he would be stepping down for the “foreseeable future,” it is understood that both William and Charles feel strongly that Andrew should never return to his working royal role in order to keep the royals in a favourable view of the public.


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