Billie Eilish Gives The Same Interview For The Past Three Years, The Big Difference Is She Now Has Drake’s Phone Number

For the past three years, Billie Eilish has been doing the same Vanity Fair interview every year on Oct. 18.

Having started when she was 15, Eilish’s Instagram followers have grown significantly. In 2017 there was 257k, in 2018 6.3M and in 2019 there has been 40.7M and counting.

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She speaks about who the most famous person in her contacts are and after naming numerous people she lands on Drake.

“Drake, come on, Drake is like the nicest dude I have ever spoken to,” the “Bad Guy” singer said. “He does not need to be nice, he is at a level in his life where he does not need to be nice but he is.”

The magazine then shows Eilish what the “Biggest thing to happen in your career” is.

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Her answer in 2017 was “being Apple’s ‘Next Thing’ artist.”

Flashforward to 2019 and Eilish was the “season opener for ‘SNL’, just sold out an arena tour, did Howard Stern, Rolling Stones cover….biggest selling album of the year and has Drake’s phone number.”

Catch the full interview above.


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