William Jackson Harper Reading Thirst Tweets Is Equal Parts Adorable And Awkward

Watching William Jackson Harper read Twitter thirst tweets is the perfect way to wrap up a Monday.

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“The Good Place” actor was very humble, and a tad gobsmacked, by just how thirsty Twitter is for him. Buzzfeed caught up with the actor who read and reacted to the public’s demand for his abs, arms, pectorals and other body parts.

“We don’t talk about William Jackson Harper’s arms enough, TBH,” read one tweet. “I’m fine with how much they’re being talked about,” a slightly self-conscious Harper replied. “Totally fine. I don’t mind be objectified but I don’t want to be a d**che bag either.”

The official YouTube account of “The Good Place” left an amusing comment on the YouTube video: “We thought we were in ‘The Good Place’, but now we’re in The Best Place.”

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The fourth and final season of “The Good Place” wrapped up on Nov. 21. Harper will star alongside Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins and more in “Dark Waters”. The film premieres Nov. 29.


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