One week after the launch of Disney+, the streaming site’s “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” has dethroned “Stranger Things” as the most-streamed show.

According to Business Insider, the Pedro Pascal-led series has ended the 21-week streak held by Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. Parrot Analytics released its findings on streaming shows using a standardized measurement unit that “reflects the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance.”

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Launching with Disney+ on November 12, “The Mandalorian” had over 100 million demand expressions in the week of November 17 to November 23, while “Stranger Things” had 81 million.

“While demand is a metric that should not be confused with subscriber numbers, this is a strong indication that the ‘Star Wars’ series is driving a lot of sign-ups to the recently debuted Disney+ service,” a Parrot Analytics representative said. Disney+ had over 10 million subscription sign-ups on its launch day.

Parrot Analytics also reports the “Star Wars” series is the “most in-demand streaming series of the year” after one week of release, proving that viewers just can’t get enough of “baby Yoda”.