Tom Hanks is one of the biggest stars on the planet… or so he thought.

On Monday night, the “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and was shown a recent viral clip from “Jeopardy!”

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In the clip, the contestants are shown footage of Hanks playing Mister Rogers and then asked to name the actor. Amazingly no one buzzes in.

“You are kidding me?” Hanks responded. “You are kidding me?”

The actor was amazed that none of the contestants at least attempted to guess.

“They should have gone, bing, uh, Woody Harrelson?” he said. “No. Bing, Mahershala Ali? What was the name of the category, ‘Washed up Career Choices’ for $800? ‘Bad Casting’ for $1000, Alex?”

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Kimmel suggested that maybe it was a compliment to how thoroughly Hanks embodied Fred Rogers.

“I think actually they were blinded by the red sweater,” Hanks said. “That must be it!”