Jameela Jamil recalled the time Ted Danson’s advice nearly killed her as she chatted with Jimmy Kimmel during his show Monday.

Jamil revealed how she kept getting a fever, so her “Good Place” co-star taught her how to “stay alive.”

The actress told Kimmel, “A doctor once told me I’m clinically weak, which isn’t a condition, it’s just sad. But Ted noticed that I was fatigued and yet was running circles around me. And he’s 40 years older than me!

“I started trying to jog because of him. And the first time I tried, I almost died!”

Jamil then said how she went jogging “head to toe in black” because it’s L.A and it “doesn’t feel safe on the street.”

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“I’m jogging, I stop because of the traffic. I’m listening to Beyoncé very loud. And I guess because I’m very tall, I have disturbed a branch on the tree.

“What I don’t know is—and I find this out as kind of a cloud of black descends upon me—that there’s a beehive on that tree.

“And I had very much so p**sed off the beehive that are now all over me, so I just start running into traffic. That is my natural instinct to run into six lanes of traffic. I run in, a car hits me. Yeah, I get knocked over by a car. I’ve just started filming ‘The Good Place’, by the way. But the car’s, thankfully, slowing down because it sees a woman covered in a perm of bees, so they hit me while slowing down.”

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Jamil then revealed how she led the bees to a club/taco bar and the smoking area.

“There are people standing outside smoking, and I think to myself—and it’s terrible when you’re in a moment of emergency to realize what an awful person you are—but I looked at those people smoking and I was like, ‘You already don’t care about your lives, so I’m gonna run at you with these bees.'”

Jamil said of Danson, “He tried to kill me!”

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